Common Strengthening Exercises

By Mario Pisani, Director of Reconditioning


Hi, I’m Mario Pisani. I’m a physical therapist and the director of reconditioning and team strengthening, conditioning. Our job at Muir Orthopedic Specialists is to safely return the athlete back to sport following acute physical therapy. At MOS, we have the resources from doctors, trainers, physical therapists and strength coaches, to get you back to where you need to be without hesitation.

Common Strengthening Exercises:

Deadlift – an extremely important exercise for the athlete. It is used to strengthen the back, core, glutes and hamstrings which are all vital to protecting the athlete from lower extremity injury. However, if done without correct form the athlete risks major injury.

Front squat – a great strengthening exercise for the quadriceps and for core stabilization. It is primarily used as a technique tool and to help maintain spinal extension for individuals who need the benefit of a squat, without loading the lumbar discs (lower spine).

Back squat – one of the best exercises for lower extremity strength gains and a fundamental part of all strength and conditioning programs. It targets the back, core, glutes and quadriceps. However, risk of injury is great if done without proper form. This is why is important to seek out a certified strength and conditioning specialists to work on technique training prior to loading.

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