Orthopaedic Express by MOS | Muir Orthopedic Specialists | Walnut Creek, CA | orthopedic doctor treating a woman's wristOrthopaedic Express by MOS, a Specialty Urgent Care Clinic

Orthopaedic Express by MOS provides high quality orthopedic urgent care to patients when they need it most. The providers at Muir Orthopaedic Specialists (MOS) have recognized a gap in medical services for people in the Bay Area, so they created Orthopaedic Express by MOS to fill that need.

Injuries happen unexpectedly to people of all ages. From an ankle sprain at a basketball game, to a fracture from a work accident, or even intense arthritic hip pain, a wide range of injuries can result in patients going to an emergency room. We know what they’ll face: long wait times and increased expenses. Often, ER patients then still need to see an orthopedic specialist for follow-up care.

Orthopaedic Express by MOS | Urgent Care Clinic | East SF Bay AreaSkip the ER, go to Orthopaedic Express by MOS

  • Get the right care first.
  • 24/7 scheduling with live agents.
  • Same-day appointments.
  • Walk-ins welcome.
  • Money and time savings.

Orthopaedic Express provides immediate, specialized orthopedic treatment on the same walk-in basis as an ER and with specialists that a standard urgent care clinic doesn’t provide. We are open Monday-Friday during the peak hours for injuries, from 3:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m.

Call 1-888-96-ORTHO to schedule appointments or simply walk-in to be treated.

For follow-up care, Orthopaedic Express patients will have access to Muir Orthopaedic Specialists’ 28 board-certified physicians. Orthopaedic Express offers seamless, thorough care, starting from the initial examination, through subsequent treatments and to physical therapy if needed. Patients get the full MOS treatment: the most advanced care, a multi-faceted & team-oriented approach, and excellent results.

Benefits of our orthopedic urgent care

No other medical specialty is so well suited to offering urgent care services as orthopedics. At standard urgent care centers, doctors who are not orthopedic specialists frequently deal with musculoskeletal injuries that have just occurred. These urgent care centers tend to refer to an orthopedic specialist, adding an extra visit for each patient. By choosing Orthopaedic Express over standard urgent care clinics, patients will get the right care from the start.

One week after first benefitting from their urgent care services, I remain pain-free. I strongly recommend Orthopaedic Express by MOS in Walnut Creek and am indebted for life to its dedicated and knowledgeable director, Joe Torres.

Johanna’s experience

The providers at Orthopaedic Express are orthopedic experts who can manage orthopedic injuries in seniors, adults, and children ages 2 and up. We treat a range of orthopedic issues including:

Conveniently located at 2405 Shadelands Drive, offering same day appointments and walk-in service.

Hours and directions

Our facility is a one-stop diagnostic shop. Orthopaedic Express has the tools on site to diagnose and treat musculoskeletal injuries and chronic condition flare-ups. Our diagnostic tools and treatments include:

  • On-site X-ray.
  • Splinting of injuries.
  • Diagnostic ultrasound.
  • Cortisone injections.
  • Ultrasound guided injections.
  • Non-operative treatments for fractures and dislocations.
  • Easy access to follow-ups for MRIs and physical therapy.

While appointments are not required, we offer 24/7 scheduling with live agents. Call 1-888-96-ORTHO.