Physical Therapy Exercises

Our sports medicine specialists have provided extensive physical therapy exercises to help during the rehabilitation and recovery process. Below are exercises that pertain to the ankle, core muscles, hip, knee, shoulder and spine. This is not a complete list of our physical therapy exercises, and more will be added in the future.

Make certain that you are cleared by your physician or physical therapist before doing any exercises. 

Click on the button in each category below to see additional exercises, instructions and photos. You can view, download or print each exercise card.


Ankle Mobility PT Exercises | MOS

Ankle Mobility

Increase ankle mobility practicing ankle drivers & leg swings.

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Core Exercises

Beginner Core Physical Therapy Exercises | MOS

Beginner Core

Strengthen core muscles with beginner plank & sit-up exercises.

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Intermediate Core | MOS Physical Therapy Exercises

Intermediate Core

Hi-Lo, mountain climber, lateral plank and other core exercises.

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Advanced Core | PT Exercises

Advanced Core

Single leg planks, front ball tosses & training ball exercises.

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Elite Core Exercise | Physical Therapy

Elite Core

Use plank rolls, the body saw, and PB roll out and figure 8 exercises.

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Hip and Knee

Hip Mobility | MOS Physical Therapy

Hip Mobility

The Spiderman and other stretching exercises.

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Hip-Knee Stability

Lateral lunges, leg squats & 3-way step squats.

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Scapular Stability | MOS PT Exercise

Scapular Stability

Maintain stability with wall slides, cross hearts & more.

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Closed Chain Shoulder Exercise

Closed Chain Shoulder

Strengthen shoulder muscles with bear crawls & downward dogs.

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Shoulder Dumbbell PT Exercises | MOS

Shoulder Dumbbell

Use dumbbells to increase shoulder strength.

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Shoulder Theraband PT Exercises | MOS

Shoulder Theraband

Therabands can be used for shoulder exercises.

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TRX Shoulder Exercises | MOS

Shoulder TRX

Enhance strength & balance using TRX suspension training.

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Thoracic Spine Mobility | MOS PT Exercises

Thoracic Spine Mobility

Thoracic spine exercises help alleviate shoulder & neck pain.

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