Knee Treatment

The knee is a complex joint that moves like a hinge, but can also rotate and move slightly from side to side. It is more likely to be damaged than other joints because it is subject to tremendous force during vigorous activity.

Patients with knee pain typically experience swelling, stiffness, weakness or instability in the joint. They may also experience crunching or popping noises or the inability to fully straighten the knee.

We have a multi-faceted approach to treating knee pain, conditions, and injuries that include surgical, non-surgical and physical therapy to relieve pain associated with various conditions and improve function after an injury.
Our physicians specializing in knee injuries and conditions have undergone residency, fellowship and continual education training.

Knee conditions we treat include:

We have a multi-faceted approach to knee pain, conditions and injuries treatment.

Knee Surgery

Some of our surgical treatments include:

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