Anterior Minimally Invasive Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip replacementReturn to normal function quicker with less post surgery pain or rehab requirements

A new approach to minimally invasive hip replacement surgery has recently been launched at Muir Orthopaedics Specialists (MOS).

has been one of the original surgeons to perform this procedure at John Muir Medical Center and now uses this approach in nearly all hip replacement patients. The incision size varies between three and five inches, depending on the patient’s anatomy. This specialized technique neither detaches nor splits muscle to reach the hip joint.

Moreover, this innovative approach to total hip replacement allows immediate function and a greatly reduced rehabilitation time. Furthermore, patients have very few post-op limitations and can return to their daily activities very quickly. This minimal anterior approach to hip replacement can be performed in nearly all patients including hip fracture patients, where the benefit of facilitated rehab is especially appreciated.

Benefits of the anterior approach

Additional benefits to the anterior minimally invasive hip replacement include:

  • Appropriate for the vast majority of patients.
  • Does not require detaching or splitting the muscles.
  • It allows for the use of both cemented or cement-less implants.
  • A low reported incidence of hip pain along the outside (lateral) hip area.
  • No weakness in the abductor muscle.
  • No significant motion restrictions post surgery.
  • An very low dislocation rate of approximately 0-2 percent.
  • Patient’s quickly return to full function and normal gait.
  • Significantly less pain than other hip replacement methods.
  • No strengthening limits.
  • No abductor pillows are used.

Originally brought to the U.S. six years ago by Dr. Joel Matta, this new technique expands on the advantages of Dr. Toma’s early experiences with the two-incision MIS procedure-which include smaller incisions, minimal scarring, less tissue trauma and faster rehabilitation.

“This current technique combines all the benefits of the two most traditional hip replacement approaches as well as the two-incision technique with none of the downsides,” says Dr. Toma. A specialized operating room table, developed by O.S.I., is used to minimize soft tissue trauma.

For general information regarding hip replacement surgery or further details regarding the minimal anterior approach contact our office.