Patient Testimonials

  • Dr. Wong is a star!

    Dr. Wendy Wong is the best! What a positive experience I had with her! She is compassionate, skilled, caring and never rushed. The entire staff at both Muir Ortho and at Sequoia Surgical Pavilion were great. I was well prepared through comprehensive education materials and my calls were answered quickly. She performed a total hip replacement and my recovery has been amazing, without the use of opiates! After only two weeks I am walking without assistance and driving. Dr. Wong is a star!

    - Candace R.

  • This was the best thing I ever did!

    Thank you Dr. Wendy Wong (and the Orthopedic Staff),

    You all made my operation at Hospital (Sequoia Surgical) a reasonably pleasant experience.

    The partial knee replacement is working fine, still need some fine tuning, but well on the mend.

    This was the best thing I ever did, and I have you to thank for getting me this way. I can never say enough about how much better I am with this Partial Knee Replacement.

    Thank you for everything.

    - Dora C.

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  • Dr. Wong is the best and I'll be back to her for the other hip when it is time for that to be done. Five stars!

    - Tom L.

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  • I can’t stay enough about how fabulous Dr. Wong is, and the entire John Muir Orthopedic staff at the Sequoia Surgery Center.

    I can’t stay enough about how fabulous Dr. Wong is, and the entire John Muir Orthopedic staff at the Sequoia Surgery Center.

    - Shelley P.

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  • There's No Scar
    I'm a lifelong patient of Dr. Roth now! He made it a very good experience. I woke up a little dazed, but with no pain, and there's no scar.

    - Bon

  • I Have No Knee Pain

    I want to acknowledge, with deeply felt thanks, the expert work Dr. Kronick

    performed, which has returned me to a relatively normal physical condition, free of


    - Jeffrey P

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  • I was totally blown away

    Dr. Mead always talked with me about the plans for my treatment.  When I got home I knew exactly what was expected of me.  I’ve been in physical therapy for 4 months now, and I can’t stress enough how important it is to a fast and full recovery.  Setting up my home recovery center was also very important.  I’m very happy with how things went.”  

    - Abdul B.

  • Dr. Mead was fantastic. Fantastic!

    “He prepared me for everything,” Kenya says of Dr. Mead.  “Everything he told me was right on the money.  I followed the rehab program and within three months I was feeling totally fine. He really listened to me.  I can’t even tell you how much better I feel.” 

    - Kenya D

  • 100% Confidence In Dr Wong
    Dr Wong is a no-nonsense Saturn five rocket that attenuates that thrust with clear expectations and a better-than-you-think listener skill set. She is just the type of doctor, surgeon, machinist, and mechanic you want to be thinking of and looking at just as you are losing consciousness in her operating room. Confidence at 100% - doubt at 0%.

    - Bob Donaldson

  • Back to Full Use in Less Than a Month
    My thanks to Dr Mead for a very successful partial knee replacement. Both Dr Mead and his staff kept me well informed on what the procedure would be. The hospital stay was short, my recovery time was quick and the physical therapy team got me back to full use in less than a month

    - KMC, Patient

  • Found my problem and addressed all options
    Very professional and knowledgeable staff. Dr. Wyzykowski found my problem and addressed all options.

    - Chuck

  • Knowledgeable, patient, had thorough explanations
    Dr. Moorthy was knowledgeable, patient, had thorough explanations, and I felt he was very competent and trustworthy. I am confident now that I am in good hands!

    - C.H.

  • Quick and a Good Listener
    I appreciated how quickly everyone responded to my problem. Kevin Byrne was very attentive and a good listener.

    - Paulette H.

  • Personable, knowledgeable, kind, and wonderful
    They were accommodating with my children while we waited, were very fast to get us in, and Mr. Torres was incredibly personable, knowledgeable, kind, and wonderful with my son.

    - T.M.

  • Very impressive experience
    I was absolutely amazed coming into an "urgent care" facility, which I expected to be packed and have to wait a long time, with how fast things went and how awesome Joe Torres was. He was knowledgeable, listened, and really showed he cares. And within 24 hours they got approval for my MRI and got it scheduled two days from now. Very impressive experience.

    - Mike J.

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  • I came in worried and left enlightened
    I was a patient of Dr. Merson and was referred to Dr. Kronick, whom I saw for the first time yesterday. There was an immediate connection to Dr. Kronick. He did a thorough exam and very clearly explained my options. I came in worried and left enlightened. My old knee will live to see another day. Thank you!

    - Ted T.

  • Convenient, fast
    I had no idea there was an urgent care type facility that specializes in orthopedic injuries. Convenient, fast, in less than an hour I had X-rays and a plan for follow-up. I’m super happy with the service.

    - J.V.

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  • The entire staff was helpful, courteous
    The entire staff was helpful, courteous and truly a good experience. Dr. Wong was exceptional. She listened intently, provided me options, and answered all my questions very thoroughly. I decided to get my knee drained, which was a first as I’m not big on needles. She was super comforting and reassuring during the whole process.

    - Anonymous

  • Examination was very thorough
    Dr. Qureshi gave a very informed second opinion regarding necessity/potential effectiveness of lumbar fusion. His ability to read the MRI quickly and in detail showed how experienced he is. His physical examination was very thorough, much more so than the other surgeon (not from MOS).

    - Shelby S.

  • Extremely knowledgeable, professional and easy to work with
    Dr. Tischenko is extremely knowledgeable, professional and easy to work with – he is also an excellent communicator. More important, his treatments are extremely effective. Having had major rotator cuff shoulder surgery 6 years ago, I can say with confidence that the results are nothing short of a miracle. He is an excellent surgeon and physician.

    - Steve

  • My needs are being heard
    I always get excellent attention at Muir Ortho. All the personnel are professional and willing to help. Dr. Miranda makes me feel that I am highly capable hands and that my needs are being heard. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

    - Marik B.

  • The treatment was a success
    Good to see Dr. Sacco again, as he had treated me over 15 years ago. He listened and then totally explained what was wrong with my hands, explaining the treatment and the possibility that the problem may need further treatment. The fact that I can type this survey 24 hours after treatment means to me that the treatment was a success and I hope that I can be completely free of symptoms and pain in the next 30 days.

    - Jan

  • His manner is comfortable but professional
    Dr. Schilling is an attentive and knowledgeable physician that takes a measured approach to the reasons for the appointment. His manner is comfortable but professional. I like the fact that he finished the appointment asking me if I had any further questions of him and if he answered my earlier questions satisfactorily.

    - Gary Y.

  • Empathetic and professional

    Dr. Narloch is empathetic and professional. He is the best! He resolved a long-standing pain issue in two minutes, an issue that many others overlooked.

    - Sandie R.

  • I got an appointment the very next day
    MOS never ceases to amaze me! I was asking for a lot and a rapid response too! I got an appointment the very next day, filled out the New Patient Online Forms, and was out of my appointment with Dr. Wiseman in Brentwood & heading home approximately an hour later! I’m feeling better already and just got a call from Dr. Wiseman’s office and now have an MRI scheduled on Oct. 6th, due to a cancellation.

    - Vickie

  • Very friendly, yet very thorough
    I absolutely love Dr. Kou! His knowledge, professionalism, compassion and down to earth explanations were beyond refreshing! He was very friendly, yet very thorough. He made sure he knew my case prior to coming into the room, explained what had happened and had a complete solution to the issue. He never made me feel like he was in a hurry. He also made me feel extremely competent in his work. I would highly recommend Dr. Kou.

    - Lora

  • Our family’s go-to orthopedist

    Dr. Lange has been our family’s go-to orthopedist ever since my son broke his leg about 35 years ago.

    - Anonymous

  • Excellent physician

    I love Dr. Lewis! He is genuine, listens, has a good sense of humor and is an excellent physician.

    - Barbara Sue C.

  • Would not go anywhere else for my orthopedic needs

    I have been seen by several physicians now at Muir Orthopaedic Specialists for my lumbar spine issues and just recently for my knee injuries. They have all been amazing and very informative. Would not go anywhere else for my orthopedic needs!

    - Anonymous

  • Very clear with his plan, what would occur and how to deal with it

    Dr. Preston was very clear with his plan, what would occur and how to deal with it. He understands my profession as a firefighter and what we put our bodies through. The staff it seemed was always smiling and very courteous. I really believe that I hit the lottery when Dr. Preston became my surgeon.

    - Kevin

  • Impressed with his surgical experience and his excellent demeanor

    Dr. Crow told me the condition of both my hips and explained the hip replacement surgery in terms that I could understand. He answered my questions about the surgery and the prospects for recovery. I was impressed with his surgical experience and his excellent demeanor. I have confidence in his ability to remedy my condition.

    - Anonymous

  • The doctor could immediately diagnose the problem

    The X-ray machine was right there, so the doctor could immediately read the X-ray and diagnose the problem. I am confident Dr. Lee has the experience and capacity to help me get better.

    - Susan

  • Immediately felt at ease

    When Dr. Qureshi entered, I immediately felt at ease and that I was in the presence of a gifted healer. He had reviewed my records thoroughly and communicated clearly his findings, including the need for further tests. He took time to listen and spoke slowly and clearly when I told him I had a hearing loss.

    - E.G.

  • Very kind and a good listener

    Dr. Schilling was very kind and a good listener. He also gave me options and let me decide what I wanted to do about the problem I have been having with my shoulder. He was not rushed, did not have an agenda, was very patient and wise. I feel confident that he will help me find the best solution to the problem that I am having.

    - Anonymous

  • Very professional and personable
    Dr. Schilling is very professional and personable. He wants to understand your lifestyle and expectation prior to recommending treatment options.

    - Jamie S.

  • Thank you very much for your top quality care

    The receptionist that answered my call informed me of the urgent care that is open from 3:00 – 8:00 pm. I was nervous that I would have to wait for hours to be seen. We arrived early and was immediately checked in. To my surprise I was taken into the exam room within 15 minutes. I saw Joseph Torres, PA. He ordered an X-ray and I was back in the exam room in 20 minutes. Mr. Torres was very sympathetic and spent as much time as I needed as he explained our next steps. The receptionist and medical assistant were very kind, informative and professional. Thank you very much for your top quality care.

    - Connie

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  • Truly the best doctor I have ever dealt with

    Dr. Toma is such a wonderful doctor who listens and truly cares about his patients. I have seen him for 16 wonderful years and know every time I see him, he will take care of any needs or concerns I have with such care and knowledge every time. He is truly the best doctor I have ever dealt with.

    - Lauri S.

  • Personal communication is outstanding
    Dr. Kou’s excellent care and personal communication is outstanding. I am a retired ICU nurse that can truly appreciate having a physician like Dr. Kou who is highly respected as the very best among the medical community.

    - Roseanne L.

  • Well informed
    I feel Dr. Pecci is an excellent physician. He seems very well informed on subjects in which I have questions. Each time I’ve gone in to see Dr. Pecci has been a good experience. I don’t think it can be improved.

    - Pauline S.

  • I trust him completely

    I love Dr. Chang, we have a good relationship. He is always very straight forward with me, which is how I like doctors to be. Dr. Chang keeps things light-hearted and is always optimistic about any outcome. Dr. Chang has been my doctor for years and I have recommended him to many friends and family. I trust him completely.

    - Leslie H.

  • Always honest and direct, which I appreciate
    Dr. Narloch is very professional and seems truly concerned about my health issues. He listens to what I’m saying and his recommendations make me feel assured he has my best interest at heart. He is always honest and direct, which I appreciate. Dr. Narloch’s assistant is exceptional. She is the pulse of that back office. Highly organized, if she tells you she will call you she does. Great team.

    - Gail Ann

  • Attentive, friendly and patient
    Dr. Kou was attentive, friendly and patient as I asked a number of questions. He took the time to explain his findings in detail and show me what he was looking at on my X-rays.

    - Tim O.

  • Really listens to you and responds appropriately
    Dr. Schilling is careful to explain everything and makes sure you understand. He does not act in a rush, gives you plenty of time and is thorough in evaluating your symptoms and how to proceed with treatment and really listens to you and responds appropriately.

    - Vinny

  • I feel very safe going here

    They treated me like I was the only person there. They all are so very kind and Dr. Wyzykowski really knows his stuff. I drive over an hour to come here because they are on top of it … I feel very safe going here.

    - Lana

  • Best experience/interaction I have ever had with an orthopedic doctor

    I was very impressed with the thoroughness and professionalism of the doctor and doctor’s assistant. This was the best experience/interaction I have ever had with an orthopedic doctor. I feel like I have an ideal plan that corresponds to my injury, and I understand the progression of the plan.

    - Anonymous

  • Treated pain that would otherwise be unmanageable

    I am extremely grateful to be in the care of Dr. Chang and his assistant. I can’t imagine any doctor being more skilled, more compassionate, more genial or a better listener. Dr. Chang has helped me to keep my day job, by treating pain that would otherwise be unmanageable. The finesse he applies to his visits and procedures makes the entire process as comfortable and positive as it can be. We thank him for being such a lifesaver and thank the staff for all of their compassion.

    - Patient of Dr. Chang

  • Thoroughly professional and well experienced

    Most recent visit was for physical therapy with Linda, who is thoroughly professional and well experienced. It was a highly productive and important visit for me. Highest grades for her thorough exploration of the steps in my recovery from carpal tunnel surgeries.

    - Thomas H.

  • It has been life-changing

    In December 2017, I fell and badly injured my left hip. Over the next several months I embarked on physical therapy and pain management with no relief. I was eventually referred to Dr. Wong. Upon our initial meeting, I knew she was the surgeon for me. She was warm, friendly and very positive. She answered all of my questions and I felt very comfortable making the decision to undergo surgery. I cannot thank Dr. Wong enough for giving me the confidence to move forward with the surgery. It has been life-changing. Thank you Dr. Wong.

    - Nancy H.

  • He’s GREAT and I would recommend him to anyone

    I am very grateful for Dr. Sacco’s expertise and medical care. He performed both of my carpal tunnel surgeries years ago, but I have since moved to Oregon. I flew down to CA just to have Dr. Sacco assess/treat my new trigger finger because I am so confident in his medical care. He always takes the time to explain his assessment, treatment options, post-treatment expectations and future treatment plan. He’s GREAT and I would recommend him to anyone.

    - Stacy B.

  • Pleasant, attentive and sensitive
    Dr. Knight was very pleasant, attentive and sensitive to listening to my explanation of my knee pain. I did not feel rushed … I left with options and understood what I needed to accomplish.

    - Robin

  • Relaxed, non-stressed approach

    I enjoyed the professionalism, the relaxed interaction with everyone, the non-pretentious medical attitude. It was a pleasant surprise, as if I were among friends. From beginning to end of my visit. I especially like Dr. Contrares’ relaxed, non-stressed approach and allowing for questions… I rarely look forward to a visit with a doctor, but I do look forward to a visit to this office as well. Seven years ago Dr. Lange gave me a wonderful new knee and I have been eternally grateful as well as a walking billboard for his work.

    - Rae E.

  • Very thorough in examining my son’s broken finger
    Dr. Sacco took the time to listen and explain. He was very thorough in examining my son’s broken finger. The front office did everything they could to help get my son in as soon as possible for an appointment.

    - Elias

  • Diagnosis and prognosis was right on

    I went to Dr. Matthew Pecci five days before a backpacking trip due to a burning pain in my lower back from yoga. I was so happy how he patiently listened to me, answered my questions, and his diagnosis and prognosis was right on. I followed his advice and I was good to go the day of my trip, just as he predicted.

    - N.S.

  • Dr. Narloch’s expertise was essential

    Dr. Narloch’s expertise was essential in aiding a quick diagnosis to my spinal condition, helping prevent me from becoming permanently disabled.

    - Jim R.

  • The work he did on my hand is a miracle
    Dr. Sacco listens, cares about me and my well-being as a person, not just a patient. The work he did on my hand is a miracle, less pain in the hand and no numbness in my fingers. Thank god for Dr. Sacco.

    - Anonymous

  • Dr. Wiseman was great

    Dr. Wiseman was great – he reviewed various options with me and listened to my concerns. His assistant was very nice and reassured me while I was waiting for my injection. I was very nervous about it and she told me about her own experience. As it turned out, she was right, and the injection was not particularly painful at all.

    - Kate S.

  • Very attentive, caring and thorough

    Front desk staff went out of their way to accommodate us even though there was a mix-up in the date of the originally scheduled appointment. The attending PA was very attentive, caring and thorough.

    - C.B.

  • Extremely knowledgeable and professional

    Dr. Sacco was not only extremely knowledgeable and professional, but during the procedure, he was funny and made me laugh. Really a great guy all around. Do you think if I invited him out for a quick beer … that he might go!!!!!!

    - Michael G.

  • The best in NorCal

    The reason I drive 55 miles from Stockton to Muir Orthopaedic Specialists is because of the outstanding care and service I have received ever since I discovered Dr. Toma who replaced both of my hips. In fact, since I dislocated my right shoulder, I drove with my left arm just so that I could see the best in NorCal.

    - Giovana

  • Took the time to explain my condition and answer my questions
    I appreciated that Dr. Nelles took the time to explain my condition and answer my questions. He offered me excellent advice, to which I will pursue, to help me live a better quality of life.

    - JD

  • One of the finest surgeons I have ever had
    Dr. Bader is truly one of the finest surgeons I have ever had (and I have had many). He repaired my shoulder twice (my fault) and my knee once. Every step of before, during and after care is thorough.

    - Donald E.

  • What a relief to have a plan
    I felt like I was being listened to and cared for. What a relief to have a plan of action to begin my healing process!

    - Marisa

  • Really listened to me
    Dr. Kou really listened to me and then walked me through 3 different options for treatment, including how effective he felt each would be.

    - Ralph S.

  • Professional, a great communicator, explains things very clearly

    Dr. Wyzykowski is very professional, a great communicator, explains things very clearly, also listens and gave me as much time as I thought I needed. He gave me confidence that he knew the correct course for my treatment and gave me confidence that I was in very good hands.

    - Steven T.

  • Excellent

    I’ve seen Drs. Nelles and Crow, both are excellent and the staff in the office is top-notch.

    - Dave D.

  • Took time to listen

    Dr. Knight took time to listen to me and allay my fears.

    - Robin W.

  • A caring practitioner who also listens

    I felt very confident in Dr. Schilling’s skills in his field. He knew right away what my problem was and the course of action to take. He also gave me some information on the condition that helped me to learn more about it and how to deal with it. Dr. Schilling is a caring practitioner who also listens.

    - A.D.

  • Caring and informative
    I have had three previous opinions by other surgeons at three different facilities, and none of them were as caring and informative as the great people at Muir Orthopaedics. The best thing I like about MOS is the improvement to my quality of life. Thank you MOS and thank you Dr. Qureshi!”

    - Buck

  • Very comfortable

    I like the easy pace of going to the Brentwood facility. Very comfortable and my stress level is 0.

    - Rose

  • X-ray coordination was flawless

    The coordination among Dr. Q his assistant (ordering referrals to UCSF, MRI and CT) was seamless. I liked the bullpen approach of the assistant in the middle. The X-ray coordination was flawless.

    - David B.

  • I appreciated how quickly I was given an appointment

    I appreciated how quickly I was given an appointment for an urgent situation.

    - Jen

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  • Always makes me feel comfortable
    Dr. Nelles always makes me feel comfortable and explains everything in a way that he is sure I’ll understand. I never leave confused or wondering anything.

    - Anonymous

  • Professional and very patient-friendly

    Dr. Narloch was professional and very patient-friendly. He asked questions that elicited my condition and listened to what I said. He answered all of my questions and thoroughly explained my course of treatment.

    - Pat A.

  • Very thorough and transparent

    Dr. Matthew Pecci and his staff were very thorough and transparent. I left the visit feeling very comfortable and satisfied with the high level of care I received. Thank you!

    - Steven R.

  • Always personable and very professional

    Dr. Schilling was very attentive and really seem concerned about my issues. I have seen him on other occasions and he is always personable and very professional. I have recommended him to other friends of mine for his services. Please thank him for the great service that he gave to me.

    - Anonymous

  • Very knowledgeable about his field

    Dr. Wiseman demonstrated true concern and interest as well as excellent communication skills. Not only was he a good listener but his explanations were comprehensive and easy to follow. He is clearly very knowledgeable about his field and eased my concerns about my medical problem and upcoming procedure.

    - Anonymous

  • Very professional and I was seen within minutes

    Everyone was very professional and I was seen within minutes of arriving. All my information was on the computers and Dr. Nelles was able to see my whole history at Muir Orthopaedics. I also appreciate the parking garage!

    - Glenda

  • Patient and informative

    NP Laura Davis!!! She is truly the best. One of a kind. So patient and informative. Oh, and super friendly. No question is too dumb or too much. Thank you so much for all that you do!!!! Super happy that I am under your care.

    - Anonymous

  • Always delivers great support and treatment

    I have trusted Dr. Tischenko for over 20 years to be professional, on target and an excellent physician. He always delivers great support and treatment.

    - John B.

  • Highly recommend this team

    To varying degrees, I’ve been suffering with hip issues for 20 plus years. The previous 5 specialists dismissed me by either saying I was too young to have problems, it wasn’t worth their time, or it wasn’t their specialty. Dr. Michlitsch identified the issue, addressed and informed with complete confidence and professionalism. His PA Rachel Robertson is completely competent, professional, and pleasant. She always spends the extra time to answer any and all questions. She’s quick to respond and follow through. I highly recommend this team.

    - Joseph W.

  • Showed genuine concern

    I injured my back wakeboarding. X-rays taken at urgent care were inconclusive, so I tried to muscle through for a few weeks in hopes it would heal on its own. It didn’t and my pain was excruciating.

    Then I saw Dr. David Nelles at Muir Orthopaedic Specialists in Concord. He reviewed my X-rays, asked me a multitude of questions, did an exam, and performed a few physical tests. He then recommended an MRI and scheduled me for the soonest available. During my follow-up visit with Dr. Nelles, he shared my MRI results in detail and confirmed I had a herniated disk.

    I expected him to recommend surgery, since that’s what orthopedic neurologists get paid to do. Instead, he recommended a cortisone epidural and again scheduled me for first available. The day following the procedure was the first day in two months that I felt little to no pain and it’s been that way ever since. He showed genuine concern, nailed my diagnosis and I’m especially pleased he did not recommend surgery. I think I’ve written only 3 reviews in my life, but Dr. Nelles deserves this one.

    - Michael W.

  • Thank my lucky stars that Dr. Wong did my surgery

    Little did I know when I signed up for a hip replacement, that I would get a “rock star” for a surgeon.

    Upon meeting her for the first time, I was taken aback by her youthful appearance, and asked if I were her first patient (and thus a guinea pig since she appeared to be about 18 to me). Dr. Wong smiled and said she’d already done “hundreds of hip replacements.” Still, I was a little apprehensive.

    I took the class for pre-operation hip replacement patients at the hospital. I was the only one who was receiving the anterior method. All of the others were having the conventional posterior surgery.

    Well I was fortunate indeed, and thank my lucky stars that Dr. Wong did my surgery. My pain level was between a 0 and 1 the first day and settled into a firm 0 after that. I was walking the first day, used a cane on the 3rd day, and could actually walk without a cane on the 7th day, but continued to use it to please my physical therapist who signed me off with an A+ after the 3rd visit.

    There are no words to recommend or applaud this talented doctor adequately. If you are lucky, like me, Dr. Wong will be your surgeon too!

    - Virginia M.

  • He took his time with me and I never felt rushed
    Dr. Nelles was thoughtful in his analysis and had a conservative approach which I appreciated. He took his time with me and I never felt rushed. He clearly explained his treatment plan and the thinking behind it as well as options and follow up. The whole office was extremely efficient and I was finished in an hour which included: checking in, payment, x-rays, seeing Dr. Nelles and him printing out and reviewing stretches and exercises for me.

    - Maggi

  • I feel very fortunate to be in their care

    Dr. Chang, Mirasol Martinez and staff are very compassionate and professional – they listen carefully, explain the recommended treatment, administer procedures gently and efficiently, and carry everything through to the next visit. They are extremely personable while under pressure as well. I feel very fortunate to be in their care.

    - Anonymous

  • Genuinely concerned about my pain issues

    I like that Dr. Pecci spends time with me, listens and seems genuinely concerned about my pain issues. I’ve never had a doctor who seems to care as much as Dr. Pecci.

    - Louise S.

  • An overall great doctor

    I love Dr. Moorthy, he was very good. He was humorous, a good listener and just an overall great doctor.

    - Barbara U.

  • We wouldn’t go anywhere else

    We love Dr. Preston. He is always so nice and we never feel rushed. He has operated on my husband and son and seen my other kids for various injuries as well. Just a great guy. Your office always fits us in without having to wait for weeks. Really appreciate that. We wouldn’t go anywhere else.

    - Kristi C.

  • A seamless experience

    Everything being in one easy location was great. I was able to get everything I needed in one visit, including X-rays. I felt like it was a seamless experience and I appreciated not having to waste time going to different facilities and the hassle of making different appts.

    - A.V.

  • Everything (always!) went very smoothly

    You guys are great!! Everything (always!) went very smoothly! Dr. Schilling was attentive and responsive! Front desk polite and organized. All good! You all run a tight ship! I’ve been a patient on and off for years and am always satisfied.

    - Cheryl B.

  • Very patient and kind

    Dr. Contreras is ABSOLUTELY wonderful!!!! He is very patient and kind … making the whole experience less stressful.

    - Karen

  • I’ve never seen a provider like him anywhere else

    Dr. George Tischenko is Awesome! He took the time to explain in detail what were the issues with my son’s knee and how to improve his health. Honestly I’ve never seen a provider like him anywhere else; I have no words to explain his professionalism. Thank you Dr. Tischenko and your staff.

    - Jaime S.

  • Very pleased

    I was able to get in for an appointment quickly. Compassionate and kind doctor and staff. The doctor was straightforward and provided excellent care. Calls were returned in a timely manner when I had questions after my appointment. Very pleased!

    - Lynn S.

  • Very professional, efficient and very friendly
    The staff (from the front desk to the medical assistants) were very professional, efficient and very friendly…I felt that Dr. Wyzykowski was very professional, but also friendly and seemed genuinely interested in finding a solution to my complaint…he took the time to discuss his finding with me and his proposed treatment…I was very impressed with how they run the practice at that office.

    - J. Russo

  • Had a great experience

    Everything was great, Dr. and staff were kind and helpful. I have seen Dr. Wyzykowski in the past and had a great experience so I requested him again and had another great experience!

    - Judi

  • I felt he was looking out for me

    Dr. Pecci was very professional and friendly. I felt he was looking out for me.

    - Anonymous

  • So understanding, straightforward and honest
    Dr. Wong was fantastic. She was so understanding, straightforward and honest. I loved her enthusiasm in answering all my questions and offering help with anything I might need in the future. She did not hold back in painting me a clear picture of what to expect and what I could do to delay a future surgery. I very much appreciated her approach.

    - Jan

  • Amazing doctor, professional and speedy

    Dr. Tischenko is an amazing doctor, professional and speedy, but thoughtful and a good listener. He actually also called me that evening to check in and see how I was doing! He is extraordinary.

    - Joan

  • Never had one bad experience

    I just love the entire staff at both the Brentwood and Walnut Creek facilities! Everyone is very friendly … from their X-ray techs, casting experts, front and back-office staff to the doctors. I have never had one bad experience and I was at their facilities a lot before and after my surgery for my broken ankle! I have been in some form of the medical field for 20+ years and I am really big on customer service …They are great at it! I just love Dr. Moorthy and Dr. Garcia! They did my surgery on my ankle and did a great job!

    - Mo

  • Exceeds my expectations every time

    Lauren the receptionist at the front desk is outstanding. She is always helpful, kind and provides a superior level of service. In this day and age, I much appreciate being treated like a person. Lauren definitely exceeds my expectations every time.

    - Robert K.

  • An excellent physician
    Dr. Crow is an excellent physician along with his assistant. He takes his time explaining things and makes you feel like a friend. I’m totally satisfied with his doctoring!

    - Susan W.

  • Whole experience was very positive

    The whole experience was very positive, from the helpful parking attendant to the person in the building lobby, the receptionist in the office, the PA, Dr. Nelles. Everyone was very courteous and patient.

    - Anonymous

  • Very attentive

    Gayle was very attentive and helped me understand my injury as well as a solution for recovery! She is amazing!!

    - Anoosh

  • A very gifted physician
    Dr. Moorthy is the best! Have been seeing him for years now – and multiple surgeries – and he is a very gifted physician. Technically excellent, and a great personality and bedside manner. I always recommend him to anyone I know who has foot or ankle problems. Dr. Moorthy rocks!

    - Anonymous

  • Doctor Miranda was great

    The staff was very friendly and efficient. I met with the staff initially, had X-rays taken (the tech was terrific), and the doctor provided the information I needed to remedy the problem. Doctor Miranda was great! Took the time necessary to listen to my problem and provided an effective solution for my case.

    - Bill F.

  • Impressive

    It is said that first impression counts. My first impression of your staff members was impressive. They were receptive and were on top of all who needed to be checked in. More importantly, they take what they do seriously yet they are friendly and professional.

    - Tom L.

  • In good hands

    The staff was courteous and efficient. Our conversation with Dr. Toma was informative and he spent enough time with us to make us feel completely comfortable with our decision to have surgery with him. We left feeling relieved and “in good hands.”

    - Jerald C.

  • Very helpful

    During my visit with Dr. Pecci for an injection in my left hip, I asked him about PT options or possible stretches that I could do on my own to help loosen up my back, which has gotten very tight due to the issues with my hip. Dr. Pecci offered to have one of the athletic trainers chat with me to determine what types of stretches may help. Ethan was very helpful, asked a couple of questions to pin down my issues, and came back with a short stretching program. Great to have a one-stop-shop!

    - Jeff V.T.

  • He showed he cares
    Dr. Coufal listened to me and he asked me questions about my reason for the visit. He’s very attentive to my issues; he has a great bedside manner. He was quick and to-the-point with my diagnosis and didn’t just guess my diagnosis. He used other means like an X-ray, examination and mobility assessment to diagnose … He showed he cares.

    - Lynster

  • A great place to be taken care of

    Everyone was very nice and professional. Didn’t have to wait long. When I saw Dr. Calafi, he was very nice. I had many questions but never felt rushed. Everywhere in the building was nice and clean. All the staff were very helpful and went out of there way to make sure I was taken care of and that if there was anything I needed, to let them know. My experience has been great: A great place to be taken care of.

    - Anonymous

  • Experience was wonderful

    The whole experience was wonderful, from making the appointment to seeing the doctor! Dr. Tischenko explained the reasons I was experiencing pain in my knee and used a model of a knee for further explanation. He listened, asked what my expectations were concerning my recovery and then explained what he would recommend in order for me to achieve getting back to my usual routine! He had reviewed my medical chart and tests prior to seeing me, so I felt completely confident in his final diagnosis and how to proceed! I thank Dr. Tischenko for his compassion and expertise!

    - Pat M.

  • Gave me my very active life back

    After many months of hip pain, I called Dr. Brad Crow on the advice of my friend who had recently had her hip replaced by Dr. Crow. My first appointment was very thorough, including X-rays of my hips, and I went away knowing just about everything I needed to know about my condition and choices. Dr. Crow and Ms. Emily were very knowledgeable, very honest and easy to talk to. I was immediately comfortable. I knew this was the place for me. I had hip replacement very soon after and to this day, not one moment of the pain of any kind! … My active life returned to normal within 2 weeks of my surgery! I would highly recommend Dr. Crow and his associates! Dr. Crow gave me my very active life back!

    - Jacquie

  • Would not go to any other facility

    Everyone was very nice and professional. Would not go to any other facility. It is the best.

    - Carol

  • Professional, warm, happy and welcoming

    I couldn’t be more impressed with Dr. Coufal and every staff member I encountered. They were professional, warm, happy and welcoming. I feel blessed to have found them and I would not hesitate to recommend this practice to others.

    - Judith G.

  • Helpful and courteous

    As my first time at an orthopedic office, I was uncertain how things worked. My questions were answered and everyone was very helpful and courteous (front desk, MA’s, X-ray). I liked Dr. Wong. She is a “no-nonsense” type of doctor, who assessed, explained, clearly and treated me as needed.

    - Pam H.

  • Knowledgeable about post polio
    Dr. Narloch is the first doctor in the last 30 years that was knowledgeable about post polio and knew how to help me now and in the future. This will make a huge difference in my life.

    - Susan

  • Unique ability

    Dr. Preston has the unique ability to communicate in both medical and athletic terms. He’s been able to bridge the gaps between the sports world, exercise science, and medical world. I’ve admired his work with baseball players and his commitment to baseball and golf fitness.

    - Tom H.

  • Very enjoyable and productive
    Excellent care and highly professional and congenial staff made the visit to Dr. Wendy Wong’s office very enjoyable and productive.

    - Randy L.

  • Patient, a great listener

    Dr. Crow was awesome. He was patient, a great listener and he explained my condition in a way that was easy to understand. I have seen other orthopedic surgeons in the past (for other injuries) and I left their offices feeling insignificant and that was not the case with Dr. Crow.

    - Julie R.

  • Discussed a treatment plan TOGETHER

    I was very pleased with my appointment with Dr. Murali. She listened to my description of the problem and confirmed her thoughts and opinion on the condition by sharing and explaining the X-ray photos. We discussed a treatment plan TOGETHER and developed a follow-up course of action. I’m hopeful and optimistic that the follow-up appointments will improve my condition. Thank you Dr. Murali.

    - Al G.

  • Had a positive impact on me

    As an aging athlete and a “weekend warrior” in the club playing pick-up basketball, I was fortunate to be referred to Dr. Preston after tearing my achilles tendon. During the course of my care, I was impressed by his interdisciplinary knowledge of sports medicine and exercise science. Since then I’ve engaged him on numerous occasions as sports medicine advisor and referred him to both colleagues and friends alike. Just as he’s had a positive impact on me, we’ve been fortunate to have him as a regular member in our club, often taking both personal training or getting in a cardio workout. Regardless of what he’s doing, he’s always available for a question from a personal trainer or member. It’s truly refreshing to find an MD so enthusiastic about getting his patients moving toward a healthy and active lifestyle.

    - Carl L.

  • Concern and care for my best interest
    Dr. Coufal was wonderful in taking plenty of time to explain my injury and my options for treatment. His concern and care for my best interest was exemplary!

    - Phyllis

  • Nothing short of a miracle

    Dr. Tishchenko is extremely knowledgeable, professional and easy to work with – he is also an excellent communicator. More important, his treatments are extremely effective. Having had major rotator cuff shoulder surgery six years ago, I can say with confidence that the results are nothing short of a miracle. He is an excellent surgeon and physician.

    - Steve

  • Goes above and beyond

    Without going into the “novel” of my spinal issues, Dr. Lee treats me as a person, a unique individual who happens to be his patient. He doesn’t talk “at” me, he talks with me and all decisions are mutually agreed upon. At one point I had issues with the billing department and was denied services. When he found out, he was able to get it resolved, scheduled my appointment and took care of the problem. No doctor does that anymore. He goes above and beyond. There are not enough words of gratitude that I can express to thank Dr. Lee and his staff. They are amazing.

    - Cassandra

  • Very professional
    Dr. Narloch’s use of electrodiagnostic testing to diagnose my hand pain was very professional and his communication of his diagnosis was straightforward and appreciated.

    - Dan W.

  • 100% invested

    Dr. Miranda and his staff are outstanding, every one of them. I feel heard and validated in my concerns and questions. Dr. Miranda is thorough and speaks in a language patients can understand. I have always felt that Dr. Miranda is not rushing to the next patient nor thinking of the last one he treated, he is 100% invested in me during my appointment. Dr. Miranda’s nurse also has a wonderful sense of humor and is so pleasant.

    - Karen S.

  • Took quite a bit of time helping me

    Dr. Michlitsch took quite a bit of time helping me understand what was going on with my knee. Went over all the MRI images discussing what he saw in them. He offered me differing levels of treatment and then respected my decision on what course to take.

    - Greer

  • Everything you would want in a doctor

    When I saw Dr. Kronick, I thought for sure he would come in and “dismiss” me and my ailments. I have not been to a doctor of his caliber in a long time. He’s everything you would want in a doctor … patient, understanding, a good listener, and wants to help you get better. He was actually interested in what I had to say!

    - Jeanette W.

  • Very logical and educational

    I like the step-by-step plan Dr. Knight laid out for my treatment. I learned what options I had to alleviate my knee pain. The plan was very logical and educational. It earned my buy-in.

    - O.K.

  • My knee feels great
    I was having a lot of knee pain and my chiropractor said that I had tendonitis. However, I was not improving from his treatment. When I sought out an exam from MOS, I saw Dr. Wong. She was very kind, listened to my story and offered her opinions. She gave me tests and X-rays and recommended an MRI. After seeing the MRI she said that I needed surgery to repair a torn meniscus and arranged for a prompt surgery date which I appreciated. Afterwards, she explained fully what she had seen and done. I am now fully functional and walking the golf course without pain. My knee feels great! She was very thorough with me, friendly and had a sense of humor….I know that if eventually I need a knee replacement, I will surely go to her. Well done!

    - Tom H.

  • Very skilled

    Dr. Pecci was very personable. He took the time to carefully review and explain what he was seeing on ultrasound. He is very skilled in identifying the right spots to inject to relieve my pain. Much appreciated!

    - Claire

  • One of my favorite physicians

    Dr. Michael Michlitsch is one of my favorite physicians. He is so warm, listens carefully and I can feel that he sincerely cares about the patient and the problems. I love that he understands the importance of my activities. He did not discourage me or stop me from doing something he knew I enjoyed doing. I am aware that things might have to change but the positive attitude he shows is highly respectable. I highly recommend him with problems related to any sports, weight lifting and other high impact activities. He is very confident and very professional.

    - Camille A.

  • Thorough in his explanation

    David Brand, PA-C took his time to listen to my reason for making an appointment about my foot. He explained the examination as he went through the analysis. He was patient with my questions and thorough in his explanation. I did not feel hurried and he was gentle in administering the shots I received. Most of all he was patient and kind.

    - Jeffry-Lynn D.

  • Great in checking me out

    Bridget Garrehy, PA-C, was great in checking me out and then explaining what was the root cause of my pain and reduced motion. The cortisone shot was effective: my pain and range of motion have improved. I am completing my rehabilitation and expect to regain motion and strength very soon.

    - Jay C.

  • I feel a lot better

    The confidence Dr. Toma had with my complication of prior hardware from surgery in childhood was the best part of my experience. I have seen two other surgeons in Fresno and I am so glad I waited until I moved up here and could have Dr. Toma do the surgery. He did my elderly mother’s hip replacement and she did very well. While I am not exactly looking forward to surgery, I feel a lot better about it since meeting Dr. Toma.

    - Mary S.

  • Absolutely satisfied

    Dr. Fulkerson treated me like a person – not an old lady. Too often doctors take one look at grey hair and figure it is an endurance test, which is unavoidable. I feel absolutely satisfied with him. I talked, he listened and answered me directly. He was understanding, professional, all a patient could ask for and more. And he has a wonderful sense of humor.

    - Lilyan

  • I speak very highly about his care and professionalism

    Speaking with Dr. Lange and how he explained everything to me and took time to answer my questions was the best part of my experience with MOS. Dr. Lange replaced both my knees with titanium replacements, and I speak very highly about his care and professionalism.

    - Isobel E.

  • Just as good as the ankle I was born with

    I have been a Coca-Cola salesman for over 30 years. I started with Coca-Cola in the shipping department before college, and it was there that my ankle injury started. My ankle had worsened over the years and I was in constant pain. Dr. Moorthy recommended the STAR ankle replacement and I jumped at the chance for relief. I experienced very little pain and discomfort during recovery. Now, I work out at 24 Hour Fitness three times a week and there isn’t any exercise I can’t do. My new STAR ankle replacement is just as good as the ankle I was born with.

    - Paul M.

  • What a fabulous team

    I came to MOS because I needed surgery to repair a torn meniscus. I was anxious, but Dr. Michlitsch came to see me before the surgery and totally put my mind at ease; I knew I was in good hands. I am grateful for everyone I came in contact with, from Dr. Pecci at the beginning to Dr. Michlitsch and his assistant to everyone at the surgery center to my PT— what a fabulous team. They all work together for the patient. Thank you MOS!!

    - Nanci P.

  • Caring and very informative

    I was an officer in the Army for 21 years and during that time I developed osteoarthritis in my left knee. I couldn’t do the physical activities that I had performed my whole life, swimming, cycling and water-skiing. I came to MOS and saw Dr. Preston, Dr. Narloch and Dr. Lange. All three physicians were outstanding. Each was caring and very informative as to what procedure I was about to undergo.

    Dr. Lange fully described the process at the pre-op appointment, the type of replacement I would be receiving and what surgical steps he would take so that I could, once again, get full extension of my knee. He definitely made me feel less anxious before my surgery. Now that my left knee is back in action, Dr. Lange will be replacing my right knee, too.

    - James H.

  • I would not go to anyone else

    After a lifetime of active living, I needed replacements in both of my knees. Our annual family trip to Maui was in six months and I didn’t want to be stuck at the hotel in too much pain to be active with my family.

    Dr. Kronick didn’t even flinch when I asked him to replace both knees at the same time! He is pleasant but professional and has such a positive outlook. I needed that in a doctor if I was going to get back to living my life the way I wanted to.

    I have taken my new knees to Maui and France, keeping up with my family the whole way. I am truly a person whose life has changed 100% thanks to Muir Orthopaedic Specialists. I would not go to anyone else. Only Dr. Kronick and MOS.

    - Kathleen M.

  • Feel lucky I’ve found a physician who listens
    I have complete confidence in Dr. Contreras, and feel lucky I’ve found a physician who listens, uses technology, medical expertise, and intuition to diagnose and treat my orthopedic issues.

    - C.G.

  • I highly recommend Dr. Kou
    Dr. Kou is such a great guy…Friendly and approachable, and very focused on listening and answering questions. I highly recommend Dr. Kou.

    - David

  • NEVER been dissatisfied
    I have NEVER been dissatisfied with Muir Ortho!

    - Karen

  • My care was amazing

    I arrived early and was brought in right away. The assistant that helped me updated my information and noticed I had not had recent x-rays and made sure this was taken care of. I had x-rays taken of both my knees since I had not been back since my surgeries years ago. I was impressed that someone thought of this! My care was amazing!

    - Kym P.

  • Gave me a good plan of attack

    P.A. Jonathan was very knowledgeable & really explained my condition to me. He gave me a good plan of attack if my low back continued to cause me problems.

    - Danae R.

  • Personable, knowledgeable, kind and wonderful

    They were accommodating with my children while we waited, were very fast to get us in and Mr. Torres was incredibly personable, knowledgeable, kind and wonderful with my son.

    - Anonymous

  • I appreciated the information I received

    I appreciated the information I received from Dr. Lewis about the issues with my left hand. I had seen Dr. Lewis many years ago (at least 12 to 15 years ago) when he did a joint replacement on my right thumb, he remembered me from that surgery, that impressed me. I came away with the information I needed and I feel comfortable now knowing what my options are.

    - Catherine M.

  • Got my treatment plan in order

    Dr. Tischenko and staff performed a thorough evaluation, got my treatment plan in order quickly and provided medication samples.

    - Mark L.

  • A great experience

    Everyone was friendly and attentive. I arrived early and was taken in immediately. The staff listened to my concerns, x-rays were efficiently completed, the doctor encouraged me to share and I was not hurried through my appointment.

    The building is beautiful, the parking attendant walked me to the door, and the greeter at the front desk walked me to the correct office. A great experience!

    - Anonymous

  • An outstanding doctor

    Everything!!! From the moment I stepped in the office, I was greeted by the friendly, courteous office staff, and within minutes, it was my turn to see the doctor. Maria, the nurse assigned to my case, asked questions, took my stats and made me and my visit feel valued. This continued with JonathanDr. Tischenko‘s assistant, who reviewed my X-rays, asked pertinent questions, referred me to a hand specialist, Dr. Schilling, and even set up an appointment for me! Dr. Tischenko spoke to me about the possible choices that I might be given as well as telling me Dr. Schilling had performed surgery on both of his hands. That spoke volumes and I knew I was in good hands! Everyone I had contact with at MOS was professional, caring and sensitive to my injury. Several years ago, I became a patient of Dr. Tischenko when I injured my knee in a 10K race. He helped heal the problem in his usual professional, caring manner. So when I injured my hand, I immediately sought Dr. Tischenko because I knew he would take care of me! He is an outstanding doctor!

    - Pat

  • A great experience

    Dr. Schilling took time to examine my hand, explain my options on proceeding with what was needed for the full function of my hand. He was caring, thorough and professional. His assistant who applied my cast gave the same attention to me and my hand! The front office was friendly and helpful! A great experience! 

    - Pat

  • Prompt and helpful

    Everyone tried to be as prompt and helpful as possible. Dr. Wong explained everything clearly and wanted to make sure she was on time and was willing to answer all my questions.

    - Joe O.

  • Easy to talk to
    Dr. Wong is so easy to talk to, just like a longtime friend or a neighbor you have lived next to for 30 years.

    - Carl

  • I felt well cared for

    Dr. Nelles actually admitted me to JMH. I was very surprised. I thought what was happening wasn’t normal but not serious. Dr. Nelles was very professional and caring and concerned. He visited me every day in the hospital. I felt well cared for by him.

    - Lisa C.

  • Overall an excellent experience.

    First, the ability to get a same-day appointment was most appreciated, then a very good experience in the clinic. Rachel was thorough, listened carefully, provided excellent explanations of the injury, findings on the images, recommended treatment, and follow-up. In addition, she was warm and caring. Overall an excellent experience.

    - Anonymous

  • Very respectful and very professional

    My wife and I had the same doctor it was Dr. Knight on the same day in the same room two different injuries. Hers was the shoulder down to her hand and mine was my knees. From the time we got in the room, the assistant started taking blood pressures going over the medicine list and the reason why we were there. They were very courteous inefficient and took their time with each of us. Dr. Knight came in and listen to each of us along with answering any and all questions we both had he was very respectful and very professional. He has a great bedside manner. I have had a knee replacement from him and he was excellent with that. We would recommend him to anyone that we know or even don’t know he’s an awesome guy. Thank you much.

    - Jan & Bob

  • A phenomenal doctor and human being

    I have used Muir orthopedic for over 25 years and Dr. Miranda’s conservative approach saves me from knee surgery! A phenomenal doctor and human being! He was the go-to Orthopedist for many years for both my parents Fred & Laura Donnelly & many friends.

    - Anne B.

  • I always feel that I am listened to

    I always feel that I am listened to and heard. I go away with confidence in the diagnosis and armed with what I need to do to get better.

    - L.A.K.

  • Very comfortable

    They do a good job of listening to understand the issues, problems, and then explaining the options. Very comfortable.

    - Brian R.

  • George Tischenko is the best

    George Tischenko is the best, kind and the most caring doctor there is.

    - Sandy A.

  • Explanations are clear helpful and relevant

    Dr. Knight and Joan Hart are great. Their explanations are clear helpful and relevant. I have nothing but positive experiences based on their knowledge and manner

    - Anonymous

  • I would want Dr. Crow to work for me

    If I owned a hospital, I would want Dr. Crow to work for me.

    - Michael

  • Dr. Wong was very warm and friendly

    Dr. Wong was very warm and friendly. She answered all of my questions regarding knee replacement surgery. She put no pressure on me to have the surgery done, saying she did not want me to do it until I was ready, which I was. She explained her approach, which was to be minimally invasive, and showed me a model of what the replacement looks like. I was also impressed with her assistant, who very helpful and supportive.

    - Jim H.

  • Very informative to my needs

    The staff and Dr. Bader were very polite, helpful and heard my needs and willing to work with my schedule but also very informative to my needs. Thank you

    - Earl

  • Gives solid advice on what is best for you

    Dr. Lee is always straight to the point and answers all questions the way the patient can understand it. He also gives solid advice on what is best for you. Dr. Lee explains thoroughly how he came to that conclusion. I always feel confident when leaving I know just what is happening to me and why.

    - Gail

  • Very happy with the facility, staff and their process

    From the first call, I received after my physician referred me I was very impressed with the prompt, courteous and thorough service I was provided.

    I followed instructions and filled out my paperwork, received a nice gift. Waited far less than I expected, was very convenient having the X-Ray in the same place and to be read by the doctor. I work in customer service and this is the perfect way to treat customers in my opinion (like their time matters too!) Not happy to be in pain and need to go, but very happy with the facility, staff and their process.

    - Marilyn

  • I was so impressed

    I was able to get an appointment on only 3 days. I was so impressed. As I am going on vacation in 1 week, it was very important to get an appointment as soon as possible.

    They listened and took care of my request immediately. Thank You. Joan Hart made my injection almost painless…..really did not expect it to be as easy as it was. Great Job.

    - Anonymous

  • I knew I was consulting with a good knee guy.
    When I met with Dr. Contreras I knew I was consulting with a good knee guy. I liked that Dr. C ordered special X-rays which were required beyond ones I had at Muir ER. He viewed these with me in the same room rather than remotely, and he carefully showed me what he observed. Though not totally conclusive, he seemed to be able to conclude where the problem lies.

    - Suzanne E.

  • The doctor was very engaging
    The doctor was very engaging. Easy to talk to, youthful, and professionally energetic. Explained details of what my condition might entail. Told me what he would do if he were me (I really liked that perspective) and provided a game plan of how to move forward.

    - Troy

  • Gave me answers I needed

    It’s been about 5 years of no answers on my knee with my previous doctor, and on my first visit with Dr. Contreras, he gave me answers I needed and a new plan for diagnosis and rehab. I am so happy with how this appointment went and look forward to working with him to resolve my knee issues.

    - Anonymous

  • I know I couldn’t be in better hands
    Dr. Wiseman is an amazing physician and has guided me through so much with my injury. I know I couldn’t be in better hands. Most importantly, I trust him without reservation. Bridget his Physician Assistant is also terrific … Very professional, caring and extremely knowledgeable. You couldn’t find a better Medical Team to support you!

    - Gail W.

  • Puts patients first

    This visit with Dr. Miranda was pleasant due to his caring mannerisms, and professionalism. He puts his patients first.

    - Richard P.

  • Dr. Pecci is very attentive

    Dr. Pecci always takes excellent care of our family’s various sports injuries. We are very active and with that comes the risk for injury. Dr. Pecci is very attentive, follows up to make sure my family was recovering correctly and genuinely cares about the outcome. In each instance, our family members have recovered 100% thanks to the care of Dr. Pecci and Dr. Michlitsch.

    - Andy O.

  • Dr. Michlitsch was terrific

    Dr. Michlitsch was terrific. He asked great questions, listened and was thorough. His explanation was in layman terms and easily understood. Kent Mercer and PT exceptional too.

    - S.G.

  • Pleasant, informed, empathetic and had good ideas
    I am a new patient to Michael Chang. I really appreciated that he took a few minutes and reviewed my whole health history in the Muir system prior to coming to meet me. He was informed and it made our time together far more productive. You only get one first impression with people and my first impression of Michael Chang was great. He was pleasant, informed, empathetic and had good ideas. I am glad I was referred to him.

    - Jaime T.

  • Gives other alternatives that work

    Dr. Moorthy is very straightforward and doesn’t try to talk you into surgery or something else, as what do we know… he gives other alternatives that work and he is very honest.

    - Annmarie

  • Very personable and had reviewed my record

    Dr. Schilling was very personable and had reviewed my record before coming into the exam room. He explained the cause of my condition and gave me a couple of choices for treatment. He took plenty of time with me and gave me directions for a future appointment and what to expect from my treatment. I would highly recommend Dr. Schilling!

    - Diane D.

  • Results have improved a great deal

    Dr. Moorthy was so gentle and right on target when he gave me a Cortisone injection. The results have improved a great deal. Thank you so much!

    - Leslie B.

  • I really respected Dr. Bader's attention to my concerns

    I really respected Dr. Bader's attention to my concerns and fully explained with MRI visuals to my situation. I have complete confidence in him performing my surgery. Thank You.

    - Earl B.

  • An extremely pleasant visit

    It’s always important that there is compatibility of some form and connection in a positive sense with my doctor. I found Dr. Tischenko to be extremely kind, very professional, a good listener and answering all my questions to the need of my understanding. It was an extremely pleasant visit and I’m happy that he’s doing the proper tests and diagnostics to achieve a correct diagnosis and treatment plan for me.

    - Lynn C.

  • All kind, understanding, and put me at ease

    From the front desk to the doctors ascendant to the doctor to the wonderful woman who casted my hand were all kind, understanding, and put me at ease.

    - Jessica

  • Very professional and caring

    Dr. Leo A. Calafi was very attentive to my broken wrist. His listening skills and diagnosis of my problem was excellent. Dr. Calafi explained my options to me, what I needed to do and my overall healing process. He was very professional and caring. I left his office with confidence that my doctor was able to take good care of me.

    - Anonymous

  • Dr. Wiseman is a great doctor

    Staff is great, very curious, and Dr. Wiseman is a great doctor. I have nothing but good things to say about all of them.

    - Bernadine R.

  • People were friendly

    People were friendly and the medical issues were explained by Dr. Lange in laymen’s terms.

    - Peter L.

  • Perfect visit

    Jonathan was just fabulous! I can’t imagine a more perfect visit.

    - Mary F.

  • Straightforward in a no nonsense way
    Dr. Chang was what I liked best. He was high energy, attentive, and gave more information about my condition than I’d received before. He was straightforward in a no nonsense way, which was refreshing instead of offensive. I’d be happy to see him again.

    - M. Foster

  • Great communicator

    Dr. Chang was a great communicator and listened to my concerns.

    - Anonymous

  • The doctor was very patient

    The doctor was very patient and explained my condition thoroughly. I did not feel rushed at all. Dr. T showed great care of my needs.

    - Anonymous

  • Not only an excellent surgeon, but a wonderful, empathetic doctor
    On several separate occasions I have had the opportunity to learn that Dr. Toma is not only an excellent surgeon, but a wonderful, empathetic doctor as well. He listens to anecdotes and frames them in a system-wide response that suggests how to respond and find solutions. I appreciate that and recognize that it is rare to have both these qualities.

    - D.P. Grove

  • Efficient, little waiting time, very professional staff

    Efficient, little waiting time, very professional staff. Dr. Pecci is very kind, professional, and takes the time to listen to you, answer all your questions, and explain everything. Thanks.

    - Patty

  • Very happy with the whole process

    My appointment was at 9:30 and I was in the exam room by 9:25, history and blood pressure, then quickly to Xray, then back to the exam room which is within minutes Dr. Lee entered and began his questioning and exam. Very happy with the whole process. Very pleased with Dr. Lee’s professionalism, thoroughness of questions and the high level of treatment recommendations provided.

    - A.R.

  • Very engaged and interested in my issues

    Everyone was very friendly and efficient, from the woman at the reception desk, to the gentleman who fitted me for my boots! Dr. Moorthy was great! He was very engaged and interested in my issues. Often doctors can be very dismissive and rushed, but this was definitely not the case here!

    - Alicia L.

  • Very professional and answered my questions

    Dr. Wong and her staff were very professional and answered my questions and did not rush me out of the office. Dr. Wong is a very compassionate person and listened to whatever I said. I would recommend Dr. Wong to family and friends.

    - Claarice L.

  • Empathetic, listens and truly cares
    My surgeon, Dr. Calafi, did an excellent job operating on my hip. He explained everything clearly and in great detail. He is empathetic, listens and truly cares.

    - Affi A.

  • An outstanding doctor

    Dr. Steven Lee was well informed about my condition and explained my options very well. I was very impressed by his knowledge of my case. He is an outstanding doctor.

    - Anonymous

  • Dr. Lewis is amazing
    I have been in pain for 3 months and saw 2 nurse practitioners at UCSF. I was given an extensive prescription of anti-inflammatory medicine with no improvement. I knew of Dr. Lewis through a friend who needed wrist reconstruction and my daughter who needed a botched wrist fix. I had a very high expectation of Dr. Lewis when I made the appointment. He gave me a cortisone shot and to my shock and surprise the pain is gone. Dr. Lewis is amazing. For the first time in months, I use my left arm and I can sleep at night without pain in my left arm.

    - Diana J.

  • Thank you is not enough
    Thank you is not enough, I am very grateful and appreciative for Dr. Toma. He changed my life and gave me my life back.

    - Denise

  • A warm and friendly manner that makes me feel at ease
    Dr. Tischenko performed a trauma surgery on me years ago and saved my foot, and I’m now having complications from a recent “minor” surgery done by someone else. He remembered me and my injury after many years, and this felt like “coming home.” Besides his experience and expertise, Dr. Tischenko takes the time to listen and he clearly cares about his patients– he has such a warm and friendly manner that makes me feel at ease despite the fact that there is no easy fix for my injury. I know I’m in the right hands now that I’ve returned to Muir Orthopaedics– I would trust him and the Muir Ortho team with my life.

    - Dafna

  • Extremely professional and personal

    Everyone I encountered was extremely professional and personal. I love it when one of the receptionist knows who I am as soon as I walk through the door.

    - Susie F.

  • Very, very, knowledgeable
    A most positive experience. The professionalism in this office is to be highly commended. Dr. Bader is excellent, caring, and a good listener. Very, very, knowledgeable. And David is tops, too!

    - Martin L.

  • Maybe the best orthopedic surgeon in the Bay Area
    Dr. Lange is one of the best, maybe the best orthopedic surgeon in the Bay Area. He is very professional, listening, asking the right questions. Talking to him it feels like talking to your friend. We are blessed in the Bay Area to have physicians like him. Thank you.

    - Rick F.