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Orthopedics During COVID January 2021 Update

With the current shelter-in-place order for the Bay Area, we are updating our COVID information for patients. Here you will find our current policies and tips from your Orthopedic Doctor for your care during COVID, effective December 4th 2020.

The December 2020 shelter in place order is effective beginning December 6th and depending on the county in which you live. The goal of the shelter in place is to limit exposure during non-essential activities. Our advice regarding your orthopedic care, is as follows:

  • Orthopedic care is an essential healthcare service, therefore our facilities remain open for consultations, diagnostics, surgeries, pain management, post-op care and all our other regular services
  • For all patients and all appointment types, if you are wondering whether your appointment is still scheduled, the answer is "YES", unless you personally have called us to cancel or we have called you
  • We encourage all our patients to keep your appointment(s), in order to receive the care that you need
    The best way to reach us during COVID is to call us on 925-939-8585 which is our Patient Contact Center in Walnut Creek. Wait times may be extended and while you are on the phone you will have an option for a call back. We encourage you to leave your number and we will call you back if there is a long hold time expected
  • If you need immediate orthopedic care, our URGENT CARE CENTER is open for orthopedic conditions and injuries only. From Monday to Friday from 11am-4pm you are welcome to walk-in to our Walnut Creek Orthopedic Urgent Care for immediate treatment of pain, muscle and ligament tears, broken bones and other injuries.

With the new shelter-in-place, what's going to happen to those who have had joint surgery not long ago, were recently injured, have surgery scheduled or have ongoing painful orthopedic conditions? What counts as essential healthcare during a shelter in place? Read on to find answers to these questions from your trusted Doctors here at Muir Orthopedic Specialists.



Yes, we offer virtual appointments with your Orthopedic Doctor and Physical Therapist via Zoom for a variety of orthopedic problems. If you are unable to attend your appointment in person, please reschedule to a Tele-Medicine appointment.

Please be aware that during COVID our phone lines are extremely busy. Please help us to take care of all our patients by allowing us to call you if there are any needed changes to your appointment. 

For our COVID precautions, please visit our COVID procedures page here.

Finally, please be assured that as experienced surgeons we are very familiar with creating a sterile world in the operating room. Though we cannot make our entire building completely sterile, we are using the combined expertise of our 30 Doctors and skilled staff to do everything we can to protect you when visiting us during COVID-19. So whether you are stopping in for an initial exam or coming in for orthopedic surgery, know that we are confident and committed to providing you, our patients, with exceptional experiences in the safest possible environment. 

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