Helping Train Young Athletes

football playersWe Train ’Em When They’re Young

This National Athletic Training Month’s theme is “Compassionate care for all,” a hallmark of MOS athletic trainers starting with young athletes in our Organized Sport Partnership Program.

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Repair or Reconstruction for Relief

Orthopedic surgeries correct problems that occur in bones, joints, tendons, nerves and other tissues in two ways: fixing the existing body parts or rebuilding them.
Ends to pain & disability
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Certifiably Top Notch Care

Dr. John Knight and Dr. Louay Toma were included as Bay Area “Top Doctors” in orthopedic surgery in the recently released San Francisco Magazine.
930 doctors evaluated

Ortho Tip of the Month

A salty disposition

Excessive consumption of salt weakens your bones. Be aware of the salt you may add to your meals: salt is already present in most foods.