Need a Sports Physical for School? We’ve Got You Covered

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7th Annual Pass To Play

Each year, student athletes are required to obtain clearance from a physician to ensure they are healthy and fit for sport. Muir Orthopaedic Specialists’ Pass To Play event provides complete pre-participation evaluations with our multi-disciplinary team including baseline concussion evaluations and cardiac screenings. All proceeds from this event are donated back to the students’ school athletic programs, and a copy of the exam will be sent to each student athlete’s personal physician. To date, MOS has donated over $26,000 to local athletic programs through this event.

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Physical therapy

Muir Ortho's Rehabilitation Team

Virtually every injury and condition our providers treat can utilize physical therapy as an element of a patient’s recovery. This is certainly the case with many orthopedic surgeries, and Muir Ortho schedules surgery patients for physical therapy as soon as the physician’s protocol allows it.

Tools of the PT trade

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Don't Let Hip or Knee Arthritis Keep You Sidelined 

When it comes to treating hip or knee arthritis, you may have more options than you realize. Dr. Wendy Wong explains that the hip and knee joints move in different ways but the options for treating them are actually quite similar.

5 nonsurgical treatments