Get Expert Tips This National School Backpack Awareness Day

Backpack Basics

Mother preparing her children for schoolToday, Wed., Sept. 26, is National School Backpack Awareness Day! Proper backpack use is important to avoid possible back problems in the future.

Dr. Nelles' tips for picking a pack
Person holding his knee in a knee brace

Fixing the Most Injured Joint 

We find the best and often least invasive treatment option for every patient with knee pain, whether that be surgery, injections, physical therapy or a brace.
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Football game

Keeping Athletes Safe 

Did you know that concussion symptoms typically appear right after the injury is sustained, but they can also show up hours or even days after the initial impact?
Comeback from a concussion

Ortho Tip of the Month

Reduce your weight to reduce your pain

Weight gain places tremendous stress on joints, and injured or worn out joints almost always feel worse for heavier people. Aim to lose weight as a first treatment option.