East Bay Times

Sharks Center Joe Thornton’s Knee Infection Likely Prepatellar Bursitis

A recent statement from San Jose Sharks head coach Peter DeBoer revealed that center Joe Thornton, who was placed on injured reserve for discomfort in his knee, has an infection and not a structural injury. Thornton has experienced a number of knee injuries in the past season, so DeBoer is calling the update “great news.”

While the team has not released any specifics on the diagnosis, the East Bay Times spoke with Dr. Charles Preston of Muir Orthopaedic Specialists on possible options. Dr. Preston said the infection is most likely prepatellar bursitis, which causes swelling at the front of the knee but doesn’t affect the joint itself. He added that antibiotics can treat prepatellar bursitis in 10-14 days.

“All I can read into this is that the most likely scenario was that it was a prepatellar bursitis, which would be common in hockey guys, banging boards, being in a locker room, being padded, surrounded in sweat and bacteria,” Preston said.