How Dr. Coufal Helped Andy Get Back on His Bike

Man riding a bike with the sunset in the background

A Wipeout Broke Andy's Hip but Not His Will to Ride

Being an avid cyclist and wanting to get back on his bike as soon as possible, Andy knew surgery was his best option and was pleased he found Dr. Coufal, who had the experience and skill to complete it.
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Is There a Right Time to Replace Your Knee?

It is not a specific time of the year, or when you see something in an X-ray, but rather something that only you would know as the person slowing down due to knee pain. 
Dr. Miranda's advice
Patient holding his wrist in pain

Options to Ease Hand and Wrist Pain

The hand is made up of 27 bones, which accounts for about one-fourth of all our bones. Add in the eight bones in the wrist, and that’s a lot of chances for problems.
4 types of treatment

Ortho Tip of the Month

 Skipping the gym may be worse than you think

A new study that was released last month found that not exercising was worse for your health than smoking, heart disease and diabetes. Follow the CDC's guidelines and each week get 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise, along with two sessions of muscle-strengthening activities.