Smartphone Use Causing Hand Pain?

Row of people using smart phonesHandle High-Tech Hand Harm

Will the next evolution in smartphones include an ergonomic design? Doubtful. So, Dr. Wyzykowski shares how to reduce hand pain due to that devilish device.

9 helpful tips

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Why Not HIIT It in 2018?

Our physical therapists explain how this trending workout style is done in less time but still burns more calories compared with other exercises. 
High intensity interval training
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There When You Need Us Most

Did you know our orthopedic trauma surgeons handle those cases at John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek? We offer specialized care for a range of emergency situations.
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Ortho Tip of the Month

Cool down

Before you end your workout, ease into a cool down exercise, such as a light jog, to prevent injury and unnecessary tightness or soreness post-workout.