Get the Urgent Care You Need at Your Convenience

Patient with a cast on his wrist talking with a doctor

Get the Urgent Care You Need at Your Convenience 

Our urgent care clinic is now open in Walnut Creek! Orthopaedic Express by MOS is there for patients when they need it most, with 24/7 scheduling, same day appointments and walk-ins are welcome. 
Money and time savings
Santa Claus working out at the gym.

Staying Motivated and Healthy this Holiday Season 

Winter sports injuries can make the holiday season anything but jolly. We have compiled tips to help people avoid injuries and stay healthy this winter.  
8 tips for winter workouts
Doctor evaluating a patient's ankle

Podiatrists vs. Orthopedic Surgeons

Nearly 80 percent of people report a foot problem. Yet only 59 percent say they went to a specialist. Are you letting your foot or ankle pain go untreated - or treated by the wrong specialist? 
Foot & ankle treatment options

Ortho Tip of the Month

Getting tipsy can harm your bones

Alcohol reduces your bones' density and weakens them. Be sure to drink in moderation, especially if you have an orthopedic problem.