New Parent Back Pain and How to Avoid It

Family with a young baby Preventing Back Pain – Tips for New Parents

Being a new parent means constantly lifting and feeding a newborn, which can cause immense back pain. There are ways to prevent back pain from turning into more serious problems, like a herniated disk.

Dr. Lee’s tips
Person gripping their knee in pain

Stem Cell Therapy: From Science Fiction to Science Fact!

A patient of Dr. Pecci reflects on her second nonsurgical PRP knee treatment, and how she is as agile as ever. In her words, it’s been “truly transformative.”
Save the knees
Surgeon pulling on gloves

Reversing Joint Wear and Tear

Wondering what joint replacement surgery entails? Learn the ins and outs of joint replacement surgery at MOS, and what to expect before and after the procedure.
7 joints we replace

Ortho Tip of the Month

Be careful what you carry

Women & men typically carry a tote bag or something similar on a favored shoulder. This can cause uneven shoulders, headaches and back pain. Switch up the shoulder that you carry your bag on, and keep it as lightweight as possible.