Changes to Medicare

Happy older coupleMedicare Changes Arrive

New Medicare cards are coming to your mailbox beginning this month. We have information on what you need to do to be prepared and how the card is changing, including no more SS #. 

Your go-to guide

Patient with a blue leg cast and crutches

Bone Health Isn’t Just for Seniors

Your bone mass peaks around age 30, and you lose mass faster than you can rebuild it after that. Dr. Tischenko has tips on how tweaking diet, exercise and lifestyle choices can strengthen your bones.
Preventing injuries
Person gripping their lower back in pain

Spine Options Before Surgery

Surgery isn’t the only solution for spinal pain. We offer several injection-based therapies that can get your back in shape and back to the activities you enjoy.
Works for neck pain, too

Ortho Tip of the Month

Check your own knee for osteoarthritis

Signs include random knee buckling and popping & crackling sounds with
movement, incremental increases in pain, discomfort on stairs or standing up, and
swollen knee after waking in the morning.