Total Faith in Total Hip Replacement

Woman smiling with her hands on her hipsTotal Faith in Total Hip Replacement

Maureen had no concerns or worries because she knew it needed to be done, and Dr. Wong was the person to do it. 

Go in 100% confident

runner gripping his knee in a knee brace

Worthwhile or a Waste of Money? 

Most knee injuries heal without the use of a brace but at times one can be helpful. But beware of expensive custom braces that are rarely necessary.
Video tips from Dr. Knight
Woman gripping her shoulder in pain

When Your Shoulder's Over It

Are you or a loved one going to be one of the 53,000 people who have their shoulder replaced in the U.S. each year? Learn about the four different types.
Relieve your joint pain

Ortho Tip of the Month

Fix your posture at work

When sitting at your desk, your feet should touch the ground and rest flat on it. Sitting cross-legged or on one leg can lead to slouching.