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Dr. Lee Talks to News 7 About Steve Kerr’s Back Surgery Woes

Suffering from nearly two years of complications from surgery, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr advised people on April 23 not to have back surgery, period. Kerr may miss the rest of the NBA Playoffs because of the agony he’s gone through after complications from surgery two years ago for a ruptured disc.

For the vast majority of people, MOS spine surgeon Dr. Steven Lee told ABC’s News 7, “I would agree with Steve Kerr don’t do surgery.” He echoed Kerr’s advice to do rehab, rehab, rehab before ever considering back surgery.

“So, when people don’t respond to rehab, getting in shape, changing their lifestyle or even trying medical interventions like medications or steroid injections, some people end up having to choose to do surgery,” Lee said.

Originally aired on ABC 7 San Francisco on April 22.