Congratulations Dr. Knight & Dr. Toma!

doctor holding a red paper heart over his chestCongratulations Dr. Knight & Dr. Toma!

They were both featured in San Francisco Magazine’s list of 2017 Bay Area “Top Doctors.”

See how they were chosen

Doctor and patient shaking hands

How an Emergency Led to a Friend

Carl’s second dislocated hip was corrected by Dr. Wendy Wong, and from the beginning he knew he was in good hands. 
How she stood out above the rest
Basketball team in a huddle

Masters of Performance, Practice and Game Days

March is National Athletic Training Month, and we salute the folks who prevent injuries and improve athletes’ abilities, particularly those trainers we collaborate with in supporting local school sports programs.
Athlete protection is our priority

Ortho Tip of the Month

Practice precaution

Taking precautionary measures is crucial when it comes to your joint and bone health. If you notice any changes in your orthopedic wellbeing, make sure to ice, wrap and elevate the area before it is too late. If the pain or weakness continues, it is important to seek medical attention.