Summer’s Big Hit: Pass to Play

3 women lined up to race on a race trackSummer’s Big Hit: Pass to Play

Last year over 200 school athletes got their physicals at our annual event. Join the crowd July 29.

Register for physicals, screenings & giveaways

Person cutting up an avocado

Cut the Avocado, Not Your Hand 

Extremities expert Dr. Donald Lewis offers this and other great tips on sparing your hands from common injuries inflicted by belt sanders, hammers, falls and more.
Avoid sliced tendons, broken fingers & more
person with a blue cast on their leg and crutches

The Muir Moto: You Break It, We’ll Fix It

In 3 minutes, orthopedic technologist Gene Santos shows how he secures broken tibias and fibulas in a short leg cast.
Leave wiggle room for the toes

Ortho Tip of the Month

Don’t Drink & Compete

Athletes tend to be inherent risk-takers. And consuming alcohol makes them feel more bullet proof: Twice as many injuries occur to athletes who drink. So don’t while playing a sport, or if you must:

Have only one drink per hour

Drink lots of water as well

Opt for light beverages with less alcohol