Your Phone Is Such a Pain in the Neck

Teens on their phonesStop Bowing Down to Your Smartphone

The orthopedic phenomenon of “text neck” results from tilting your 10-13 pound head down to electronic devices every day. 

4 tips for this pain in the neck

Man gripping his lower back in pain

From No Problem to Disabling Pain 

Herniated discs can result from age-related changes to the spine, heavy lifting, injury or being overweight. They occur more commonly in people ages 20-50 and can present mild discomfort to numbness and problems walking. 
How we manage disc pain
Football player covered in dirt

Run Interference Against Football Injuries

Fall means football and August means practice. Dr. Pecci has 10 tips for football players of all ages to reduce the frequency and severity of injury.
Don't get sidelined this season

Ortho Tip of the Month

When overloaded or worn improperly, backpacks can cause scoliosis, spinal damage, and pain in the knees, hips, back, neck & shoulders.

  • Backpacks shouldn’t weigh more than 5-10% of one’s body weight
  • They should sit in the hollow of the back & hang no more than 4 inches below the waist
  • They should have wide, padded shoulder straps & multiple pockets that help distribute weight evenly