Repairing Your Achilles Heel

close up image of someone's athletic shoesRepairing Your Achilles Heel

Achilles injuries can slow you down until treated. But should you do surgery or simple immobilization?

Get back on your feet

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Repair Your Ankle or Replace It?

Arthritis in the ankle can cause severe pain, often leaving ankle fusion or replacementas the only treatment options. When facing this choice, it's important to know which option will best fit your long-term lifestyle.
The up and down sides
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The STAR of the Show

Scandinavian Total Ankle Replacement (STAR) substitutes a high-tech implant for an arthritic-damaged ankle joint, granting the patient a larger range of motion upon recovery.
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Ortho Tip of the Month

Don’t let a fashion statement cripple foot and ankle health

Proper footwear is an easy way to avoid foot and ankle pain. Skip the high heels (ladies) and pinch-toed shoes (gentlemen) to give your feet plenty of room to avoid cramping and deforming.