How Do I Avoid Further ACL Injury After Reconstructive Surgery?

Dr. Michael Michlitsch discusses the fears that many athletes have following an ACL injury and reconstructive surgery, as well as how to avoid further injury after the procedure.

It is a serious problem that the rate of return-to-play for football and soccer after an ACL reconstruction is approximately 70 percent. The most common reason for not returning to play is fear of re-injuring the knee. This is an appropriate fear as there is a small, but significant, risk of re-tearing not only the ACL reconstructed knee, but also a risk of ACL tear in the opposite knee.

To best avoid these problems, reconditioning programs have been developed to take patients finishing their formal therapy and help them learn and complete more advanced, sports-specific neuromuscular training regimens that will bring an athlete up to the speed, strength, confidence and endurance to blend back into her or his team’s activities.

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