When to Start a Fall Throwing Program in Baseball?

Dr. Charles Preston discusses protocols that baseball athletes should consider when planning to gear up for the fall baseball season.

Answer: I’m asked often by baseball players when to start their fall throwing program. USA baseball recommends three months off throwing in a year and more recently they have recommended no more than 100 innings pitched in a year. While this can be difficult to follow in this era of year round baseball play, there are a few things that I can most definitely advise.

First is, you should begin a period of active rest after your summer program. Active rest means exercising, but possibly not throwing a baseball. Initially you should start with soft tissue techniques while your mobilizing imbalances that may occur with year round play. Once these imbalances are mobilized and are more normal or at your baseline, you can begin strengthening. And when you are in a healthy state, you can begin throwing again. This may take anywhere between one and three months and depends on the skill level of the athlete. Keep this in mind when determining when to start your fall program and also keep in mind that overuse injuries are one of the most common things that I see in baseball players in the office.

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