Are There Exercises I Can Do To Improve My Golf Swing?

Dr. Charles Preston discusses the biomechanics of a golf swing and how strength and conditioning can improve a golf swing.

Question: Are there exercises I can do to improve my golf swing?

Answer: That’s a great question, and you will notice that more and more golfers are focusing on strength and conditioning. When figuring out how to accomplish this, you must understand a couple things.

First, our body’s are segments of stability and mobility chains. Stable joints and mobile joints adjacent to each other and interconnected. Therefor, once you understand that you will understand that the golf swing is a connetic chain of energy going from the feet to the hips to the torso and eventually to the club.

Swinging a golf club is much like cracking a whip. When you efficient in your golf swing, the velocity when the club strikes the ball can be huge. To accomplish this, you need to find a strength and conditioning program that understands these points and trains rotational athletes.

Rotational athletes conditioning programs can be a little different than vertical athletes and finding the right person to help you is important. So reach out for a golf certified strength and conditioning coach, look at science like Titlist Performance Institute to find somebody near you to help you strengthen your golf game.

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