What Can I Do to Strengthen My Knee?

Dr. Charles Preston, Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Specialist at Muir Orthopaedic Specialists, discusses what athletes can do to strengthen their knee.

Question: What can I do to strengthen my knee?

Answer: Our bodies are a system of stable and mobile joints that work together in athletic performance. Issues of tightness or weakness in one area can effect a neighboring joint. Our knees are stable joints with strong ligaments, such as the ACL, and our hips are mobile joints supported by surrounding gluteal muscles. For example, in a basketball player who is jumping up for a rebound or layup, weakness or stiffness in the hips can increase the forces encountered in the knee joint when landing. Therefore, issues in the hips may be a precursor to injuries in the knee. So to keep your knees healthy, work hard to keep your knees healthy and strong.

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