Is It Important to Keep Your Blood Sugar High Before a Game?

Dr. Charles Preston, Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Specialist at Muir Orthopaedic Specialists, discusses how important it is to keep your blood sugar elevated before competing in athletic activities or games.

Question: Is it important to keep your blood sugar high before a game?

Answer: Maintaining appropriate energy stores and blood glucose levels is essential before athletic performance. This plays a role not only in musculoskelatal performance, but also in brain chemistry and decision making. Our blood glucose levels tend to dip down between three and four hours after a meal. Therefore most high school athletes that have their lunch at about noon, their energy levels are dipping down low at 4pm, right when they are usually on the practice field or in a game. Avoid this common problem by packing a snack to eat, such as a protein bar mixed with complex carbohydrates, prior to arriving to the field or court.

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