Are Concussions Being Seen As More Serious?

Dr. John Knight, Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Specialist at Muir Orthopaedic Specialists, discusses the change in how concussions are viewed by physicians with the advancement of medicine and new information on concussions.

Question: With all of the information out there, are concussions being seen as more serious?

Answer: Concussions are being recognized now as being much more serious problems than we ever thought in the past. Long term complications – such as brain injury, learning disabilities, headaches, dizziness and neurologic problems – may persist indefinitely. Many school districts are adopting the five step return to participation protocol endorsed by the Center for Disease Control. Impact testing done at the school to assess problem solving, memory and learning ability after injury, along with use of the CDC protocol with minimize risk of returning to sports after serious injuries.

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