Whole Body Training for Young Golfers

Ortho tip of the monthJunior golfers should focus on whole body exercises to avoid overuse injuries, improving their game by developing the power and balance needed for a good swing.

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Basketball players

Sports Physicals Community Event

Join us on August 2nd for our second annual Pass to Play community event. MOS sports medicine specialists will be offering sports physical exams to Bay Area students prepping for sports in the fall season. 

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Falling soccer player

Torn Up Over Soccer?

With the World Cup coming to an end, you may have heard about one of the most common injuries in soccer – the ACL tear. Learn the causes, symptoms and treatment options for an ACL tear or sprain.

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Physician spotlight

Richard J. Wyzykowski, M.D.

Dr. Wyzykowski combines advanced skill with personal sincerity to deliver the complete package in orthopedic upper extremity care. He treats arthritis, overuse syndromes, nerve problems and sports injuries. 

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