Are Bad Computer Habits Hurting You?

Ortho tip of the monthIt's not computer use that causes carpal tunnel syndrome, but computer misuse. What most people don't know is what hurts them.

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Three skiiers

One Pain in the Ankle, Two Solutions

Arthritis in the ankle often creates severe pain that affects one's lifestyle. Two surgical treatment options offer relief. 

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Tennis player serving

Tackling Tendonitis 

Tendonitis can occur anywhere there's a tendon – the heels, knees, shoulder, wrists and elbows. It can build up over time due to repetitive motions or quickly result from a recent injury.

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Physician spotlight

John L. Kronick, M.D.

Dr. Kronick enjoys restoring patients' quality of life so they return to an active lifestyle. He takes pride in offering sincere communications and providing a calm demeanor that puts patients at ease.

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