Pass to Play Event: Sports Physicals for Student Athletes

Ortho Tip of the MonthOur July 27th Pass to Play event shows the deep commitment of MOS doctors to local school athletics.

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Bouncing Back With Spinal Surgery

Ashley’s fractured back kept her out of basketball her junior year, but Dr. Abid Qureshi’s surgery helped her lead her team in scoring this year.

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Goodies For New Patients

Start out on the right foot by completing your Health History Form and bringing it to your first appointment and we'll give you an MOS water bottle or bag!

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Physician Spotlight

Douglas M. Lange, M.D.

One of the foremost joint-replacement specialists in the country, Dr. Lange’s surgical expertise is only equaled by his passion for mentally preparing his patients. “Hospital nurses say I have the nicest patients, because they come in understanding what is going on and don’t have the anxiety that other joint-replacement patients have. That makes me feel great.”

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