Special Edition: Winter Athletes

Athletes don't hibernate for the winter - they adapt! The orthopedic specialists at MOS have excellent advice for teen athletes during the winter sports and training season.
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Basketball playerThe Low Down on High Ankle Sprains

Basketball players hate to sprain their ankles, and a "high ankle" sprain is particularly bad news. Dr. Murali Moorthy explains why a high ankle sprain puts a player on the bench, and in rehabilitation, much longer than a normal sprain.

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Soccer goalie

Running a Risk for an IT Band Injury

Repetitive bending of the knee, as in running for 90 minutes in a soccer game, can stress your iliotibial band. Dr. Charles Preston tells how to bounce back from an IT band injury.

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Two wrestlers

Time Out for a Separated Shoulder

Dr. Michael Michlitsch says 90 percent of young athletes experience recurring problems because they rush their return to sports after a shoulder separation. Heed his advice to get back on the mat fully recovered.

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