New Hip in Half the Time

Ortho Tip of the MonthJames Murchison was wracked with debilitating hip pain.

Fortunately, a new surgical approach had James back on his feet fast -- and at half the cost of traditional hip replacement surgery.

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Runner with a sprained ankle

The Dreaded High Ankle Sprain

According to Dr. Murali Moorthy, this painful type of ankle injury can take twice as long to heal as a normal ankle sprain.

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Hands folded together

Is it Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Don’t ignore a tingling of the nerves in the wrist and fingers. It could be CTS, and lead to permanent damage.

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Physician Spotlight

John M. Knight, M.D.

Dr. Knight has an extensive background in sports medicine, trauma and joint reconstruction, and is committed to education and advancing orthopedic technology.  

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