Learning to Love the MRI

Ortho Tip of the MonthMagnetic resonance imaging (MRI) often plays an integral role in the physician's diagnosis of a patient's problem. Here's what to expect when you lie down to take that first step toward healing.

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Hand on lower back in pain

Sciatica and Your Aching Back

Pressure on the sciatic nerve in the lower back brings pain, but proper treatment brings relief.

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Bandaged ankle and crutches

Spotting the Elusive Ankle Injury

An ankle fracture is a commonly misdiagnosed injury, and often requires a doctor’s eagle eye to pinpoint the exact the problem.

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Physician Spotlight

Michael Y Chang, D.O.

A physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist, Dr. Chang specializes in interventional pain management, focusing on the diagnostic and therapeutic treatments of the spine and the musculoskeletal system.

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