When Healing Takes Time

Ortho Tip of the MonthThe follow-up in orthopedic care can be as important as the initial treatment, which is why MOS' Rehabilitation Center and Physical Therapy Team are often the heart of healing.

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Injuring the Adolescent Growth Plate

Dr. George Tischenko describes the ranges of this apophyseal injury unique to young athletes and the process of healing.

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Man sulking on a sofa

Polymyositis: A Debilitating Middle-Age Malady

This systemic disorder is most common in adults aged 30-50 and involves progressive muscle weakness, fatigue and more.

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Physician Spotlight

Ramiro A. Miranda, M.D.

A founder of MOS and current President, Dr. Miranda helps a range of patients, from high-level athletes to people with degenerative joint conditions, always taking a conservative approach but ready to apply the most high-tech treatments as required.

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