A Mother's Intuition & Perseverence

Ortho Tip of the MonthWhen Isabella broke her arm, a surgery gone awry threatened permanent damage to the young girl's arm. Her mom, Kimberly, took her to MOS to fix Isabella's serious injury.

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Runners running near green hills

How to Care for IT Band Injuries

Dr. Charles Preston outlines the best ways to get back in action after an IT band injury.

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Runner with an injured heel

Plantar Fasciitis - A Real Pain in the Heel

Plantar fasciitis is seen in the elderly and the young, the athlete and the couch potato. Dr. Murali Moorthy explains this common condition and what you can do about it. 

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Physician Spotlight

Christopher J. Coufal, M.D.

Dr. Coufal’s commitment to orthopedic medicine is evident in his copious list of honors, awards, and continuing education efforts.

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