Special Edition: Back to School Sports

At MOS, our orthopedic specialists have some great tips for keeping young athletes in top form throughout the fall sports season. Check out these videos to learn more about common high school sports injuries – and how to avoid them.

CheerleaderHow to prevent cheerleading injuries

Cheerleaders - the athletes on the sidelines - are susceptible to serious injuries to the head, neck, wrist, shoulder and ankle.

Learn more about safety guidelines for cheerleading from Dr. Michael Michlitsch.

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Football player catching a football

How to prevent a pulled muscle

Pulled muscles are a common and painful injury that can keep athletes from performing at their best.

Dr. Charles Preston discusses what to do to prevent muscle pulls and stay in the game.

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Soccer player

How to prevent an ACL injury

ACL injuries are often caused by sports that require quick changes of direction and explosive bursts of energy, like football and soccer.

Dr. John Knight explains how an ACL conditioning program can help teen athletes prevent this painful knee injury.

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