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Northern California Workers’ Comp Program

Muir Orthopaedic Specialists, an orthopedic care center with multiple sites throughout Northern California, provides the finest medical care available in the Bay Area for workers’ compensation patients. Our Workers’ Compensation Program coordinates all aspects of treatment in a distinctive orthopedic plaza – complete with experienced physicians with a wide range of specialties, physical therapy facilities, and MRI scanners.

With patient care always the first priority, our dedicated staff offers diverse orthopedic services for injured workers. Our physicians provide attentive care to our patients throughout the treatment and healing process.

California Workers’ Comp Law

In California, most employers are required by law to carry workers’ compensation insurance. If you were injured at work, suffered an injury as a result of work-related activities, or have become ill because of work, there is a good chance that you are eligible for workers’ comp benefits. These benefits should cover your lost income, medical costs, and other expenses. For more detailed information about reporting a work-related injury and filing a claim, please visit the Department of Industrial Relations Workers’ Comp page.

In order to receive fair and accurate benefits from workers’ comp, you will need appropriate medical documentation. The specially educated staff of our established Workers’ Compensation Department understands the challenges inherent in these cases and will facilitate the many business-related aspects of the program. While our physicians treat the physical needs of the patient, the staff facilitates appointments, work status, and doctor communication.

We look forward to meeting your needs and those of your injured workers by providing exceptional care, timely reporting and appropriate early return to work.

If you are an attorney or adjuster, please click here for more information on our office policy and the authorization process.

We provide workers’ comp services in Walnut Creek, San Ramon, Brentwood, and Concord. To contact our workers’ comp department, please call (925) 939‐8585 or visit our contact page.