Northern California Hip Orthopedic Care

Orthopedic Conditions of the Hip

The hip is a ball-and-socket joint that allows for a wide range of fluid leg and body movement including walking, running and general stability. Although the hip can put up with considerable wear-and-tear, hip pain can develop as the cartilage that helps prevent friction in the socket begins to break down.

Overuse, injury, and disease can cause pain and affect the functionality of the hip joint. When the muscles, ligaments, and tendons are put under stress from repeated movements, they may become inflamed, causing hip pain. Fractures or dislocations from falls or other accidents are also a common cause of hip injuries.

Common causes of hip pain treated at Muir Orthopaedic Specialists include:

Hip pain may be felt in the areas that surround the joint. Identifying the specific location of the pain will help identify the cause.

If pain is experienced on the inside of the hip or groin area, it may indicate a problem within the hip joint itself. If the pain is felt on the outside of the hip, upper thigh or outer buttock, it may be caused by problems in the soft tissues surrounding the hip joint, including the muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

The symptoms of hip pain tend to worsen with activity. Additional symptoms may include a reduced range of motion of the hip joint and difficulty walking.

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