Clinical Area

A visit to the plaza’s physician clinical area gives the patient an immediate feeling of warmth and comfort. Initially, a bright, cheery, and expansive lobby greets the patient. After checking in, the patient is escorted to one of six waiting areas to relax in this smaller, quieter setting before seeing his physician. As the patient moves to the exam room, they will notice the unique arrangement of a central hub, which enables the physician to consult on-the-spot with other MOS physicians or specialists. This collegial atmosphere gives the patient even greater confidence in their physician’s plan of treatment.

The exam room door opens and the patient receives an initial interview by the medical assistant, preparatory to the physician assessment. The speed and efficiency of the visit is in large part due to the higher number of MOS staff, further evidence that patient care and caring come first. After the assessment by one of our many specialized and experienced orthopaedists, the convenience of our complete facility is again witnessed if a visit to our in-house x-ray and casting departments is needed. State-of-the-art equipment and technical staff supply both patient and physician with these vital services.

Treatment plan in hand, the physician and patient conclude the visit. Exiting the plaza, a satisfied patient understands the reality of leading edge care with old fashioned caring.

To schedule an appointment with one of our physicians please call or request an appointment online.